Alonzo Young – Tai Chi

Alonzo Young has studied the Martial Arts throughout Asia and the United States for over 30 years.  Achieving various accolades and recognitions during his studies. While living in Hawaii in 1978, he began studying and practicing of Tai Chi Yang style from a friend, Dr. Arlene Luster, who later introduce him to Master T.Y. Pang and Instructor Bill Hu who taught him Tai Chi, Baqua and HingYi.
While in Hawaii he also studied with Peter Tam-Hoy under the tutelage of Sam Kuaijia. 

He continued his studies with Master Yu Wing Bun in Hong Kong and upon his return to the United States he has continued his to practice and examine the art with various instructors.  Eventually learning Chen Style from Instructor Tony Wong to round out his understanding and experience of Tai Chi.

Through experience, research, and practice he has shaped his knowledge to extend beyond just the martial components of the art. Emphasizing the use of  Tai Chi as a transformative practice of mind, body and spirit, in the hopes that people will get beyond the form and embody the teachings and principles of this art in their everyday life.


Angel Lands – Core and Dance Fitness


C.C. Ceressa – Hip Hop Fusion

Born and raised in the Bay Area, C.C. was exposed to a culture rich in diversity. C.C. understands that learning is a life long goal and stays up to date and well versed in her dance ability by regularly studying at Bay Area dance studios as well as traveling on occasion to Los Angeles and New York to take dance classes at famous dance studios such as Millennium, Edge Performing Arts Center, and Broadway Dance Center. She is excited to get deeper into her own groove and dance style which is indeed a mix of the different styles she has been  exposed to. In class, C.C. offers a unique breadth of experience, demonstrating a knack for helping others learn how to execute movements. She invites you to join the fun!


Maisa Duke – Samba, Brazilian Samba and Reggae & Samba Class Workout
Queen of Carnaval San Francisco 2002

brazflag.gif - 7812 BytesMaisa was born in the America’s capital of the African Diaspora, Salvador, Bahia Brazil and as far as she can remember, dancing is what she enjoyed most. Maisa started entering and winning dance contests when she was ten years old. Her ability to move her perfectly toned body to the complex, frenetic polyrhythmic beating of samba music has never been done with such beauty and grace in the SF Bay Area.

Maisa immigrated to the U.S. in 1998. She has been teaching dance for over 10 years. In 2000, she founded Energia do Samba Dance Company. Her dream is to share Samba with the world.

The name Energia do Samba (The Energy of Samba) was chosen by Maisa because it is the energy, or more specifically, the positive energy of Samba, that she believes is the essence of Samba. Energia do Samba’s dancing is the embodiment of that energy. Prior to the birth of Energia do Samba, Maisa performed with many dance groups in California.

Maisa Duke/Energia Do Samba has performed at many celebrity functions, including Robin Williams’ 50th birthday and events for the late Christopher Reeves, and former San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown at City Hall, Warriors basketball team, San Francisco Giants games, Academy of Sciences in S.F., California Music World in Oakland, Ethnic Dance Festival, The Queen Mary in L.A, for Pele, the most famous soccer player in the world, and many, many other events.

Mindi Marcus – Salsa, Footwork and Partnering


Ray- Yoga

Ray  came into yoga to prevent and heal injuries from many years of triathlon and ultra-running.  He fell in love with the mental, physical, and spiritual aspects of yoga after his first class with Laura Camp. He brings years of physical training and racing, traveling and living throughout the world, and love of teaching into his practice.

He has been practicing yoga intensely for the past two years and just recently finished a 200 hour yoga teacher training under Laura Camp.

Ray has a playful and supportive teaching style thathelps students to explore the boundaries of the mind and body as they celebrate the authentic joy and beauty within themselves: their atman. He encourages students to hit the pause button of the mind to luxuriously discover lightness in their practice while connecting to the inner child.

He feels having fun on the mat is essential to a long lasting and strong practice.  

His teaching philosophy is rooted in the belief that practicing yoga is equivalent to practicing self-love and respect, and that it expands our sense of unity and compassion. Ray Joichi offers flowing and energeticyinyasa classes that challenge students of all levels, and build their capacity to meet their strength and flexibility objectives through dynamic movement and breath. He enjoys exploring new music in his classes including yogic chants and a creative mix of tunes, and brings students into a deep and serene sivasana with his harmonium.

With a body made joyous through movement, the mind is able to relax.

With mind and body balance, we can take the power of feeling good and generate compassion for ourselves and others


Rebecca, RYT – Yoga, Prenatal

Rebecca found yoga on a path to healing in 2005. The practice has been a key element in establishing and maintaining both her physical and spiritual fitness.  Rebecca is a graduate of campYoga’s 2009-10 inaugural teacher training and completed a pre/postnatal certification with Britt Fohrman in 2010, while pregnant with her first baby. In Rebecca’s prenatal classes expectant mamas will develop their inner and outer strength and learn to modify the practice appropriately for their evolving bodies. Attention is paid to the breath and to the new being inside. Relaxation and meditation techniques are weaved into each class, as resources to cultivate for pregnancy, labor, and beyond. Wishing she had known about yoga in her youth, Rebecca also received a credential to reach children’s yoga in 2006 through It’s Yoga Kids, in San Francisco. Rebecca brings her love of life and passion to make the world a better place into all of her classes.


Rosa – Salsamba


Sean  Salsa, Rueda


Stephanie- Modern Dance Movement